Our Team

Together, Marie and Kien represent the idea behind YNOT. Two strong personality, far from each other at first sigh : two nationality, two generation, two different education, a man, a woman, who create together a company to mix their culture and humans values. This is YNOT.

MARIE : Born in 1986, Marie grew-up in France. Thanks to her father, a graphic designer, she’s immediately immersed in the world of design. At 17, she obtain her Bachelor in technologies specialised in Applied Arts. She study the Product Design, then the Industrial Design in Canada. At 22, she graduate hr Master in Product Design with honors. Two months later, Marie join a hummanitary operation in Cameroun. She was then selected to particiape a training program within the company Module 7 in Vietnam. She met Kien during this three year in Hanoi, and together they decided to create YNOT.                                             Marie is a born designer. Her sense of aesthetics and her huge creativity makes her the heart of YNOT.

«What I like the most by working with artisans is that we can work instantly on ideas and prototype the projects in short time. Thanks to that I am free to create all I can imagine»

KIEN : Born in 1970, Kien grew-up in the country side close to Hanoi. Many experiences leaded him where he is today. After the army, he became alternately worker, doorman, receptionist, bartender... He learn english by himself, and this allows him to became logistic manager in a furniture company in Hanoi. During 3 years, he learn manufacturing process, assemblies technics and materials properties. His great human values makes Kien the link between artisans, designers and customers.

«YNOT is a great story because it allows people to meet. Designers and craftsmen, European and Vietnamese, mixed and working all together.»

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